Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

Next Meeting is------JUNE 08-----  If anyone has concerns or comments contact members below


 MONSIGNOR VINCENT YORK -- Click HERE--Or call-------Phone 610-863-4777-------- 

 Deacon Frank A Elchert---Click HERE- Or Call------484-903-0508

Cathie Kennedy ------ Click HERE--Or call---------Phone 570-992-5366 ------------------ 

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Peggy Wall ------------ Click HERE--Or call---------Phone 610-863-6519 -------------------

Louise Martino -------- Click HERE--Or call--------Phone 610-863-6647 -------------------

Pat Sutter--------------- Click HERE--Or call--------Phone 610-863-6639 -------------------

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                                      Highlights of the April 6th Pastoral Council Meeting


  • Mother’s Day. A tribute to mothers is planned for Mother’s Day Weekend Masses. Moms bring your children ..of all ages..and enjoy.


  • Donut Sundays. Donut Sundays will continue throughout the summer. Watch for them in June, July and August. Donut Sundays and the recent Pancake Breakfast have been well attended and enjoyed by many parishioners. Thank you for all those who help in any way to promote this fellowship in our parish.


  • Traffic Flow in the Parking Lot. There has been some confusion as to how cars should enter and exit the church parking lot. Options are being looked at.


  • A better way to communicate concerns and suggestions was requested. The feasibility of a ‘Suggestion Box’ is being looked into.


  • Church Etiquette. We would like to thank everyone for improvements made over the last year. There have been a few things brought up that either provide a safety hazard or a distraction from worship that we are hoping you might help us with.  
    • Increasing number of adults and children getting up during mass to use the restroom. Emergencies happen, but please try to limit use during mass.
    • Children running around/bouncing balls in the gathering space. To keep everyone safe, especially our elderly parishioners, please do not let your children play in a way that might impose a safety hazard.
    • Whispering, talking and texting and using phone during mass causing distractions. Please be respectful of others during mass.  
    • We are very glad to see families bring their children to church to worship together. The cry room is provided for those young children who have difficulty being quiet during mass. In the cry room please respect those who are trying to participate in the mass.
    • Talking before and after mass in the church. Out of respect for those praying in church please socialize in the gathering space.


  • Church Hall Internet Access.   A request was made about the possibility to have internet access in Church Hall. The need and feasibility of this will be looked into.


  • Church Hall Improvements. An inquiry was made as to whether there are any improvements planned for the Church Hall. No immediate improvements are planned. They will be made as resources allow.

Pastoral Council Members:   Ron DeCesare, Peggy Wall, Kathy Scott, Jo Bullock, Cathie Kennedy,

Jim Rose, Fran Rowley, Ann Marie Teel, Pat Sutter and Louise Martino