Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

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Highlights of the October 19th Meeting


  • Pastoral Council Member Selection. Article III of the Pastoral Council bylaws was updated to bring the council into compliance with the Diocesan Guidelines for Pastoral Council members. Anyone interested in reviewing the article may go the Pastoral Council link of the parish website.
  • Ministering to the Sick. More Eucharistic Ministers will be trained to visit and take communion to the sick. Please contact the rectory if you or your family member would like to receive communion at home, in a nursing home or in the hospital. Because of privacy laws hospitals and nursing home do not notify St. Elizabeth when a parishioner is admitted.
  • Fall Dinner. The Fall Dinner was a great success. There were over 110 parishioners who enjoyed the food and fellowship. Thank you to all who helped make this meal a success.
  • Pancake Breakfast. There will be a Pancake Breakfast in the Church Hall after all masses on Sunday, November 19th. Please plan to join us.
  • Youth Mass. All youth are invited to participate in the 9:30 am Youth Mass on November 19th. Last year youth served as lectors, ushers, greeters, gift bearers and servers at the Youth Mass.  
  • Appreciation Dinner. On December 1st there will be an Appreciation Dinner in the Church Hall for all those who have served the parish in any capacity.
  • Early Learning Center. All permits have been obtained for the Early Learning Center and ground will be broke soon. After the utilities are in place the foundation will be brought in. Hopefully by December 1st the walls will be brought in and the roof put on. If all goes according to schedule the building will be ready in early 2018.
  • Wifi. The parish is in the process of obtaining wifi capabilities in the Social Hall.
  • Action on Parish Suggestions.
    • ‘Looking Ahead in Our Parish’ bulletin section was suggested by a parishioner. Once a month there will be a section listing upcoming events.
    • Hallway carpet cleaned or replaced was suggested. New flooring options to replace the entryway carpet are already being looked into.
    • More Lights was suggested. Recently parking lot lights were replaced with brighter more energy efficient LED lights. More parking lot lights will be added by the new Early Learning Center. Fluorescent lights are being phased out to brighter LED lights when possible in the church building.

Pastoral Council Members:   Ron DeCesare, Peggy Wall, Kathy Scott, Jo Bullock, Cathie Kennedy, Jim Rose, Fran Rowley, Ann Marie Teel, Pat Sutter, Louise Martino



Pastoral Council Bylaws Article III – Membership


The membership of the Pastoral Council shall be on a voluntary basis. All Church members shall have an opportunity to participate.


  1. The make-up of the Council shall consist of a maximum of 14 members, composed of the pastor and permanent deacon, 2 appointed and 8 -10 nominated members.

     When there is/are opening(s) on the council for a Nominated Member, nominations will be solicited from the parish. After the nominations are received the council will review the nominees and make recommendations to the pastor on the best qualified candidates using the following Diocesan Guidelines for Pastoral Council Members: a member should be a practicing Catholic, be a registered parishioner of the parish, possess a willingness to grow in Church Doctrine, have an ability to work with others and should understand that the position is one of service. The pastor will then appoint nominee(s) to be members of the council.


  1. Nominations will be solicited starting in April. Nominees will be contacted immediately to ascertain if they would be willing to serve if appointed. The appointment will take place by the end of June. New member(s) will begin their term(s) on July 1st.


  1. When there is/are opening(s) on the council for an Appointed Member the pastor shall appoint or reappoint a parishioner of his choosing.


  1. The pastor may appoint or reappoint any member without the nomination process.


  1. The term of office for the appointed and nominated members shall be four years. There shall be a two term limit for nominated members (not including interim appointments). There is no term limit for appointed members.


  1. If a nominated or appointed member cannot complete the term of office for any reason, the pastor shall appoint a replacement for the interim.

         In the event any member misses 3 consecutive meetings without a reasonable excuse, the council has the authority to remove him/her           from the position. The pastor shall appoint a replacement for the interim.