Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

Next Meeting is---, 2018 ----  If anyone has concerns or comments contact members below!!
Or use the Suggestion Box in Gathering Space


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St. Elizabeth Pastoral Council Meeting August 08, 2018

Members Present: Msgr. York

  Cathie Kennedy,   Kathy Scott,   Bob Sabatino,   Dave Barr

Ron DeCesare,    Jo Bullock,       Fran Rowley,      Linda Folk

Peggy Wall,     Jim Rose,      Louise Martino


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Ron DeCesare. Msgr. York offered prayer.


Numerous parish events are in the planning. Details will be forthcoming in the bulletin and on our parish website. Mark your calendars!

  • ●  Donut Sundays will resume starting August 12th.

  • ●  A flu shot clinic will be held September 16th in the social hall.

  • ●  The fall dinner will be held on October 14th in the social hall. Tickets will

    begin to be sold one month prior in the gathering space. The event is open

    to all parish members.

  • ●  The fall pancake breakfast will be held Sunday, November 4th after all of

    the masses.

  • ●  The annual youth mass will be celebrated at the 9:30 mass on November

    Parish members are always welcome to assist with any event. Please contact a council member if you would like to help!

    The progress on the Early Learning Center continues and it is hoped to be ready for the new school year. OLMC, Good Counsel and St. Roch’s parishes are also financially contributing to ICS.

    Youth team events are beginning practice in the church parking lot, necessitating even more care when driving in the lot.

    The 3 suggestions in the suggestion box were discussed at the meeting. No specific actions were taken. Please remember to include your name if you would like a personal response.

    Soon you will receive a mailing with a church census form and a pastoral council survey. Some of the information the rectory has about families is no longer current. In addition to updating the information, we also would like to obtain parishioners emails so we can communicate digitally for those who prefer that manner. The survey gives you an opportunity to voice your opinion on several matters to help the council better meet your needs. Please keep your eye out for this mailing and plan to take a few minutes to complete the forms.