Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

Next Meeting is---October 19th-----  If anyone has concerns or comments contact members below!!
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 MONSIGNOR VINCENT YORK -- Click HERE--Or call-------Phone 610-863-4777-------- 

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Cathie Kennedy ------ Click HERE--Or call---------Phone 570-992-5366 ------------------ 

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Peggy Wall ------------ Click HERE--Or call---------Phone 610-863-6519 -------------------

Louise Martino -------- Click HERE--Or call--------Phone 610-863-6647 -------------------

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                                      Highlights of the July 27th 2017 Pastoral Council Meeting

Ministering to the Sick. The parish is striving to better serve those who would like to receive communion when they are ill or homebound. If you or a loved one would like to receive communion at home, in a nursing home or hospital please contact the rectory. Because of privacy laws hospitals and nursing homes will not notify St. Elizabeth when a parishioner is admitted. Any Eucharistic Minister wishing to serve in this ministry, please notify the rectory; training sessions will be provided.

  • ICS Early Learning Center. Test holes were dug as part of the permit process for the Early Learning Center. This is one of the final steps needed for a permit. Erection of the building will begin shortly after the permit is obtained. Hopefully the building will be ready for students by the end of 2017.

  • Church Parking Lot. Fall sports have started and school will be starting soon, please use caution when entering the parking lot as the students utilize this area.

  • St Joseph’s Ministry. The ministry is updating the way food distribution is done due to new regulations. As always donations of food, money and time are appreciated. If any parishioner needs assistance they may register at the ministry on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 9 – 10 am. There are income and residency requirements.

  • Parish Directory. Photographs for the new Parish Directory are being taken October 10th – 14th. You may register for a photo session time by following the link on the parish website until September when registration will be available before and after Sunday masses.

  • Fall Dinner. Save the date. The annual Parish Fall Dinner will be October 1st. Come join your fellow parishioners for good food and fellowship.

  • Donut Sunday. The next Donut Sunday will be August 13th. Come enjoy a treat after mass! Council members are appreciative of any help you may able to give, especially in cleanup after the 11am mass

  • Pastoral Council Members. After reviewing the Diocesan recommendation and norms for Pastoral Council members, there will be a change in how members are selected. When there is a vacant elected position nominations will be sought, reviewed according to Diocesan recommendations, and then sent to the pastor who will appoint someone to a four year term. There will be a two year term limit for these members.

    Pastoral Council Members:  Ron DeCesare, Peggy Wall, Kathy Scott, Jo Bullock, Cathie Kennedy, Jim Rose, Fran Rowley,
    Ann Marie Teel, Pat Sutter, and Louise Martino