2019 Confirmation

Confirmation was administered here at St. Elizabeth to eighth.  Those confirmed came from our parish as well as St. Rocco parish as well as a few students from ICS who come from different parishes. Congratulations to the following recipients of the sacrament:

Michalynn Castone, Brayden Collinge, Ryan DeBellis, Bradley Fitzgerald, Conner Haidle, Michael Horan, Collin Kantor, Kiara Knapik, Nicholas Liero, Kayla Maggipinto, Rocco Martincic, Victoria McCue, Ian Mertz, Megan O’Hay, Matthew Rissmiller, Emma Schwartz, Dylan Stroppa, Gianna Tout- Puissant, Tianna Tout- Puissant, Haley Varner, Cheyenne Vito, Katrina Webber