Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

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Parish Council Meeting Minutes 12/6/18

Members in attendance​: Monsignor York, Ron DeCesare, Peg Wall, Deacon Elkert, Dave Barr, Cathie Kennedy, Linda Folk, Linda Padgett, Jo Bullock, Kathy Scott, Bob Sabatino, Louise Martino

Members absent: ​Fran Rowley, Jim Rose, AnnMarie Teel

The meeting called to order by Ron at 7:00 and Msgr offered prayer.

Old Business:

  • ●  Parish Surve .It was just sent out this week.We will gather info and discuss at next meeting.

  • ●  Cemetery committee.Addition a concerns were expressed.​Msg rwill reconvene the committee.

    New Business/Round table

  • ●  Iron Pigs game.It was agreed to move forward with the even tagain this year, with a mid May/June date. ​Ron will chair the event and communicate progress via email.

  • ●  Msgr reported the diocese is making strides into hiring a church security company. All agreed it was a needed service. Further discussion of implementation of the program will be discussed once final decisions are made.

  • ●  Bob Sabatino resigned from the council for personal reasons.

    Msgr will have a discussion with AnnMarie regarding council


  • ●  Cathie inquired about the future of the fall dinner,due to  the continued decreasing number who attend. A vote was taken and it was agreed to continue with the dinner. Ideas to improve attendance, such as different time, caterer, etc. were discussed. ​The council members will brainstorm and discuss at future meeting.

  • ●  Mother’s Day carnations event was discussed and will cotinue this year. ​Louise will again chair the event.

  • ●  While her event mission to assist needy children in 3rd world countries was appreciated, the option of providing assistance at a more local level was discussed. ​Dave will further explore some options for the Council to consider.

  • ●  Bob reported phase1(of 3 )modifications to the sound system has been completed. Improvement has been noted.

  • ●  Msgr stated persons have contacted him with available items, furniture, etc. It was decided to place such issues in the bulletin.

  • ●  Altar servers classes are needed .​Deacon Frank will arrange.

  • ●  Pro Life is already coordinating efforts for busses to the Mary in January.

  • ●  Blood pressure screening is planned to occur during donut Sunday in

    the new year.

  • ●  Linda Folk will assume the CCD liaison role.

  • ●  It was asked that it be placed on the schedule for servers that if a


    server is scheduled and unable to be there, that person should make all efforts to find a replacement. ​Ron will discuss with Mrs. Reduzzi.

  • ●  Louise will assume Peggy’s role of proof reading the Serve schedule.

    Suggestion box:

  • ●  Requested Deacons assist visiting priests. It was noted that the Deacon role is voluntary and they may not always be available. All efforts will be made to assist the priests.

  • ●  Concern over masses held at St.Roch’s,which is not handicapped accessible. All efforts to have at least 1 mass on the eve or day of a day of obligation will be held at St. Elizabeths.

  • ●  Requested prayer for victims of recent abuse scandal weekly  Prayer to St. Michael is for this purpose.

    Next meeting scheduled for March 14, 2019 at 7:00.

Msgr led closing prayer and meeting adjourned 9:00.

Next meeting scheduled for March 14, 2019 at 7PM