Daughters of Mary



The Mission of the D.OM. Sodality is to foster in the hearts of the members a more than ordinary devotion to our Blessed Mother, in order that, helped by her special protection, they may lead a pure Christian life and prepare themselves to die a happy death. Each of us uses our time and talents to work together to build our parish community. We also contribute financial help to the parish by means of fund raisers. Our sodality involves its members in activities to increase our spirituality, to help the church and community. The Sodality offers Catholic women the opportunity to work together in fellowship with each other while growing spiritually and doing God’s work. All women of our parish are welcomed and encouraged to attend the monthly meetings. Becoming a Sodalist is a way of life, a devotion to Christ, using Mary, our blessed Mother, as our model and inspiration. 

Membership in this Sodality is open to all ladies 18 years of age and over who want to participate in accomplishing the purpose listed above. All members are urged to frequently receive the Sacraments and to nourish a deep devotion to Mary, Mother of God. Before the final reception, there shall be a probation of not less than two months. During this time, the Candidate is obliged to fulfil without exception all the duties which the Sodality imposes on its Members. The solemn reception of new Sodalists will take place twice or oftener in the year, on the titular Feasts of the Sodality, or on some other principal Feasts of Our Blessed Mother. The solemn reception of Sodalists will take place in full meeting, the President, the Secretary and the Instructor of Candidates assisting in the ceremony the Father Director, who receives. The new Sodalists will go to the altar when called by the Secretary, and on their knees will recite an acts of Consecration. 

The Sodality breaks for the summer months of July through August. Membership dues are seven (7) dollars yearly to be paid to the treasurer by April. Dues should be deposited into the treasury monthly, quarterly or annually. Members who are unable to afford the annual dues should meet with the Spiritual Director and dues may be waived. 

The D.O.M usually meets the FIRST TUESDAY of every month at 7pm in the church hall. 
Please contact the president for further details.

The following are the current committees of the Sodality:

Program Membership Committee- Recruits anyone in the parish who is interested in becoming a member of the Sodality.
Apostolic Life Committee- Encourages greater participation by Sodalists in social concern programs.
They identify organizations and programs worthy of Sodality support and encourage and develop a way of life among Sodalists that is consistent with a Sodality’s sense of mission. 
Spiritual Life Committee- Responsible for enriching the spiritual growth of Sodalists. Sponsoring annual Evening of Recollection, Living Rosary, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, and any other spiritual endeavors.
Hospitality Committee- Develops fellowship among Sodalists. They are responsible for serving light refreshments at all Sodality meetings. They support other Church organizations in social activities.
Ways and Means Committee- Plans, promotes, and imple¬ments programs and activities for the year.
Care, Comfort and Compassion Committee-with the sick, the shut-in and the bereaved.
Sodality Development Committee- Encourages the reading of Catholic books, newspapers, and periodicals which promote the Sodality way of life. 

Some of our Sodalists also serve as:

• Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion
• Ushers/Ministers of Hospitality
• Lectors
• Parish Council
• Bereavement
• Food Pantry
• Members of our liturgical Choir

Sincere thanks and appreciation to the women of our parish sodality, the Daughters of Mary, for their fundraising efforts.
In this Advent season they gave $1,200.00 as well as $750.00 raised from the sale of Giant food cards to the parish.
These donations will be placed in the Building Fund to help pay our monthly mortgage for the church.